OneCoin’s DealShaker is Earth-shaking

OneCoin’s DealShaker is Earth-shaking

Launched in February of this year, OneCoin’s new DealShaker e-commerce platform is proving to be a revolutionary step in how people do business online.

DealShaker is the first of its kind platform that allows consumers and merchants to buy and sell goods and services using the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

OneCoin – The Stronger BitCoin

If you’re not familiar with OneCoin, you should be. Think of it as Bitcoin, but secure and transparent. Bitcoin remains a favorite of criminals and online nefarious actors because of its anonymity. OneCoin however, has a better blockchain, and uses Know Your Customer protocols – meaning that both buyer and seller can be recognized. OneCoin brings all the benefits of Bitcoin, without the secrecy and ability to hide criminal activities that Bitcoin allows.

OneCoin’s DealShaker is Earth-shaking

So for anyone looking for a safe, efficient and transparent cryptocurrency – they should look no further than OneCoin. Now, with the DealShaker platform, OneCoin is more powerful than ever. Since launching, the DealShaker platform has attracted more than 32,000 merchants and 200,000 registered users, making OneCoins more usable, more attractive, and therefore, more valuable.

  • Need groceries? You can find it on DealShaker and pay in OneCoin!
  • Need a new TV? Find it on DealShaker and pay in OneCoin!

DealShaker supports both merchants and consumers by creating an ecosystem where OneCoins can be transacted in a transparent and secure manner.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there, OneCoin is truly innovating with new programs like DealShaker. It will change the way the world does business.

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