OneCoin’s DealShaker Experiences Massive Success

Onecoin dealshaker

DealShaker has become one of the fastest growing online marketplaces for users of the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Featuring both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) goods and services, it offers something for everyone. Best of all, though, it allows OneCoin owners to spend their digital currency in exchange for real products.

What is DealShaker?

Part of the OneLife Network, DealShaker is a e-commerce site where members can buy products and services using a combination of OneCoin and euros. After becoming a member of the OneLife Network, users can log in to DealShaker to buy products and services available in their respective region. Joining the OneLife Network is completely free with no strings attached.

Cryptocurrency is currently hot topic among entrepreneurial-driven investors. Like any currency, they are used to exchange goods between two or more parties. However, cryptocurrencies like OneCoin differ in the sense that they are completely digital and not backed by any bank or government institution. Different cryptocurrencies are “produced” in different ways. OneCoin, for instance, is mined by members of the OneLife Network.

DealShaker’s success is attributed both to its internal team of highly motivated professionals as well as the growing interest in the OneCoin. The e-commerce platform seeks to strengthen OneCoin as an industry-leading cryptocurrency by creating a convenient marketplace where OneCoin owners can buy and sell goods.

Unlike most other e-commerce sites, DealShaker offers more than just products; users can buy everything from professional dental services, spa treatments, resort packages, car rentals and more. The vendor can select his or her own pricing when creating listings on DealShaker.

Navigating the DealShaker Website

When visiting DealShaker, you’ll have the option to choose deals in specific regions. Not all deals are available worldwide, so you need to choose the region in which you live. Alternatively, you can click the “Show me deals from” button to automatically populate listings based on your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

So, where is DealShaker headed from here? Only time will tell, but all signals point towards a thriving e-commerce platform for OneCoin owners. The site currently boats more than 233,000 registered users and 36,000 vendors — and these numbers continue to grow with each passing day.

If you’re interested in joining the OneLife Network and taking advantage of the deals on DealShaker, contact an official OneLife representative today. They’ll gladly walk through the process of setting up an account and filling your digital wallet with OneCoin.

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