OneCoin – OneLife Jose Gordo Earns $720,000 Per Month

OneLife Jose Gordo

Jose Gordo has had one of the most impressive careers in network marketing of any person involved in the industry. Since beginning his career in 2007 in Spain, he has grown his businesses while setting a good example for others who want to follow. Rising through the ranks of top earners, Gordo has been able to up his monthly earnings to close to more than $700,000. His success has been based on a few key principles. First, he recognizes the importance of putting himself and his ideas out there. Beyond that, he has been able to leverage relationships with those around him. A man who understands that it’s always best to boost those people around him, Gordo’s success is a reflection of the principle that growth happens when you surround yourself with the best possible people. 

Jose Gordo’s Career

Gordo’s career has taken some twists and turns over the last decade. He began like most entrepreneurs begin. He was just looking for an opportunity to make something of his self and try to improve his own life. He saw network marketing as a good way to do this, and he had a passion for helping people improve their own lives. Over time, as he got more successful at his craft, people wanted him to help them get a similar start. This was the beginning of the coaching part of Gordo’s career. Today, he is able to share what he has learned about the network marketing industry to people far and wide, providing more than just speeches. Because his passion is getting down into the nitty gritty of network marketing, he’s able to coach people who have particular talent for this work.

Gordo has had much of his success through his work with OneCoin and OneLife. Rather than having some kind of secret formula for how to achieve success, Gordo has been successful in his career by putting in the hard work for and with those at OneLife who have helped his career grow. One of the things that has long driven him is his relationship with Dr. Ruja, who is both the founder and inspiration of OneLife. OneLife, Gordo claims, has been incredibly supportive of not only his career, but also his vision for business success. He has been able to develop and implement ideas with the support of the staff there, helping him earn more money while having maximum impact on the world around him.

Gordo Shows Massive Success With OneLife
Jose Gordo Onelife

Gordo’s work with OneLife has allowed him to keep better track of his operations. With the business world focusing so much on numbers and metrics today, the tools provided by OneLife are critical for any person trying to have success. Whether it’s information on bonuses, promotions or other business statistics, the OneLife system has allowed him to become more efficient in his word. According to Gordo, this should not be a surprise. The research backs up the idea that people who are connected to OneLife tools have more control over their business and an easier time guiding their business into the uncertain future.

Gordo remains optimistic about what the future holds for OneLife. It is his belief that OneLife will continue to evolve in order to become a complete tool that helps people take control of their business communities and build their personal freedom. Given the cohesiveness that he has seen with the OneLife team, he believes that there is a chance for the tools and technologies to be even more prominent in the years to come. Given that OneLife has helped Gordo earn $720,000 per month and achieve high rankings in the industry, his opinion on the future of the tools is compelling and credible.

According to Gordo, though, his relationship with OneLife is about more than just the general freedom that comes with network marketing. While many people understand that network marketing offers the opportunity to make good money while taking control of one’s life, he recognized that the OneLife tools offer the opportunity for much more. Those who want to craft a vision for the future and have their work impact the overall economy can use OneLife to help create that life.

Gordo’s Success Continues

Gordo has been able to defeat fear through the use of OneLife tools. While each project used to scare him a little bit because he did not feel that he was in control of the process, he now feels that he has the opportunity to leverage good relationships and use analytics to make the right decisions. There’s a reason why Gordo has risen so high in the rankings. While he does have the appreciable talent that’s needed to be a high earner, he credits the tools he has with OneLife for helping him achieve a level of success that he did not think was possible when he first got involved in network marketing.

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