OneCoin – OneLife Massive Success of 3 Million Members

OneCoin: the Transparent Cryptocurrency Solution

Even the top Wall Street bankers realize that digital coins, like OneCoin are the future. OneCoin is unstoppable. OneLife reaching 3 million members is just one more example of this DealShaker success.

One Coin – One World

The world has never been more unified than it is now. The beauty of OneCoin is that it understands the importance of this moment and is hoping to help all profit, therefrom. With digital coins, you can be free. No more national boundaries – OneCoin can be used anywhere.

1 Coin 4 1 World

The organizational structure of OneCoin and OneLife demonstrate their commitment to One World. OneCoin was started by OneCoin Ltd with headquarters in Gibraltar and Bulgaria. Its OneLife network has headquarters in Belize.

Learning for Profit

For some politicians, their entire lives have been focused on controlling the masses, by reducing your options. OneLife offers to break those chains. Now, you can work from home and become an entrepreneur.

Inherently, people want to be free to control their destiny. Man is an economic being and part of his freedom is tied in with the currency, he uses. The founder of OneCoin – Dr. Ruja Ignatova – understands this all too well.

You can learn a lot about the brilliant founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova. She has closely guided the development of this potent brand. And, she wrote a book entitled Learning for Profit.

Unlike other digital coins, OneCoin remains private. Access to the OneCoin is through membership in the OneLife network.

Many jealous bankers understand that their system is collapsing. They realize that OneCoin offers many important advantages that are impossible in their outdated paper system. They have attacked OneCoin due to jealousy.

OneCoin has one of the most transparent Know Your Customer (KYC) policies in the digital coin industry. OneCoin also has a faster transaction processing system than the competition. It has been a trend setter.

Electronic Money is Quick Silver


The digital currency revolution remains still nascent with education being necessary. As an academic, Dr. Ruja Ignatova understands the value of knowledge. She is out front promoting crypto currencies. Other digital coins might be jealous.

For example, people still don’t even know if the founder of BitCoin is real. Some believe he was created by others to deflect attention from the real creators. Is that transparency? Of course not.

The KYC One Coin system is transparent. You know with whom you are dealing. This has allowed OneCoin to reach the next stage of development: growth.

OneCoin Growth

With about a decade of development, cryptocurrencies are reaching a winnowing stage. The top digital coins are rising to the top. Others are starting to fade.

In 2017, there were 120 billion One Coins in circulation. This has made it one of the top e-currencies around. OneCoin offers for exchange of its coins.

The tie in with the OneLife network is also an advantage. For OneCoin, the mining is through a multilevel marketing format. Members must purchase packages to learn how to mine. This creates incentives for a dedicated group of people to promote OneCoin.

OneLife: Together for More

OneLife Onecoin


Dr. Ruja Ignatova has understood that the development of eCoins is about networking. It is about creating your own system of commerce. That is why OneLife has been successful in attracting 3 million members.

If you want to break the chains of slavery to multinational corporations, OneCoin allows you to do just that. Its network – OneLife – allows you to set up your own Business for Home. The OneLife DealShaker Business Platform has surpassed 3 million members and 23,000 businesses – it is going strong.

When you visit the website, you will see visitors every couple of minutes. OneLife CEO Pablo Munoz has discussed the advantages of this online deals marketplace and advertising service provider: “I am delighted to be your [OneLife] CEO and I will continue to work very closely with Dr. Ruja in the same vision to make sure that we grow this enterprise, that we continue to share this wealth creation opportunity that you have and we continue to share it with as many people around the globe and to make this the #1 network management company on earth.”

DealShaker Success has given OneLife, a higher membership than the population of Jamaica. Dr. Ruja Ignatova said “[m]ore and more people are taking advantage of our unique products and services, and we assure you that we will keep on presenting the best opportunities for all of you.” Grow your life. OneCoin allows you to get your piece of the pie.

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