What is OneCoin?

What is OneCoin

OneCoin Explained

With the rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, other variations such as alt-coins and reserve cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as well. Powered by OneCoin Ltd and headquartered in Europe with worldwide operations, OneCoin is a cryptocurrency that is created by mining just like bitcoin except this cryptocurrency uses a private block chain. It is also the first cryptocurrency to store KYC documents on its blockchain and customized to meet both personal and business needs.

What is OneCoin?

Every OneCoin is unique just like a serial number on a dollar bill. Each coin is also finite and its value depends on simple supply and demand. Its block chain runs every minute and this is what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies. It is also the first cryptocurrency that audits its blockchain by an independent auditor every month. The focus of OneCoin is its usability since it is offered as a coin that is easy to mine and use. The company that created OneCoin has long-term plans to be a key player in the online currency market and it is already a strong brand with a global community of millions of OneCoin miners.

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The Blockchain

All transactions are recorded and verified using OneCoin’s blockchain. This method was intended to change the way industries operate to include financial markets. Is very powerful and tailored for future-proof mass transactions since it can perform more transactions than credit card providers. OneCoin also sets a new standard in the cryptocurrency industry because not only does it run every minute, but it also stores its user’s KYC documents. This feature makes it a secured tool that creates cost-efficient business networks.

OneCoin’s blockchain has a safety system that eliminates attempts of fraud, forgery, and duplicity. It also has protocols in place that store information in sequences that are consistent and unbroken. This is all done using a centralized system which also sets this cryptocurrency apart from others. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that resemble a public ledger like bitcoin or other decentralized currencies, this blockchain is more consistent and all monthly audit reports of the blockchain prove that all mined coins are genuine.

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Taking the Financial World By Storm

Wherever you are or whoever you are, OneCoin is a digital currency that provides affordable financial services that are borderless and accessible. When you join OneCoin, you will be a part of a global network of millions of others who are mining the coin and taking benefit from its value. It is now one of the biggest reserve currencies worldwide with a finite number of 120 billion coins.

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