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OneCoin – OneLife Massive Success of 3 Million Members

Even the top Wall Street bankers realize that digital coins, like OneCoin are the future. OneCoin is unstoppable. OneLife reaching 3 million members is just one more example of this DealShaker success. One Coin – One World The world has never been more unified than it is now. The beauty of OneCoin is that it […]

What Cryptocurrency Should I Mine?

Bitcoin first hit markets in 2009. At the time, the cryptocurrency pioneer stressed the concept of a decentralized currency different from traditional currencies produced, distributed, and destroyed by governments. The United States Federal Reserve, similar to other governments, can change the value of the U.S. Dollar by minting new bills, destroying them, modifying interest rates, […]

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OneCoin Is More than Just a Digital Currency

OneCoin is a truly revolutionary cryptocurrency that guarantees you a low-cost, borderless financial world where connecting is flawless. This financial system has grown and gathered millions of loyal customers in six continents. The cryptocurrency is unlike any of its competitors out there since it is built on the ability to leverage functionality and market capitalization.

Russia Announces That It Will Legalize the Use of Cryptocurrencies

Russia Announces That It Will Legalize the Use of Cryptocurrencies

The recent news that the Russian government is planning on legalizing cryptocurrencies is one that has brought with its lots of excitement and speculation both within Russia itself and the entire cryptocurrency industry. Many experts have long suggested that one of the main things holding Bitcoin and other digital currencies back were the legal restrictions […]

Could Blockchain Technology Finally Unite the UN

Could Blockchain Technology Finally Unite the UN?

The United Nations’ humanitarian aid efforts span thousands of different projects across the globe. As you can probably imagine, there are a huge number of inherent logistical challenges involved in ensuring that aid reaches those most in need. This is especially true in times of natural disaster and war, when immediate action is generally required […]